Friday, February 24, 2017

Movie Memories

It's awards season, which always finds me reminiscing about movies and special movie memories, movies that have made me laugh and cry, movies that have inspired me, and those that have provoked me.
Carol holding a DVD copy of the Sound of Music
Carol with one of her favorite movies

One of my favorite movie memories is being one of about half dozen bored kids on a blazing, hot summer afternoon. My friends and I were following the time honored directive, "go play outside." While we were figuring out something to do, a calm, cool, collected mom emerged from an air conditioned house. "We're going to the movies," she announced. Serendipity! Off we traipsed our way up Flower Avenue in Takoma Park. Along the way we bombarded said mom with questions. "What movie are we seeing?" "What's it about?" "Can we get popcorn?" "The Sound of Music, you'll see when you get there, and yes you can have popcorn if you brought your own allowance money to pay for it" came the replies. 

I will always remember settling into the seat, in the comfortable, cool darkness of the Flower Theater. When the movie started, the huge screen, the vivid colors and the wonderful sound of music was such a visceral sensory experience. 

Historic Flower Theater in Takoma Park, MD
Historic Flower Theater in Takoma Park, MD,
circa 1962 (Montgomery Planning)
On the way home we pretended we were the von Trapp children and said mom was Maria. Swirling, twirling, and cartwheeling our way down Flower Avenue. So inspired and enamored of this movie were we that we now never lacked for something to do. The rest of the summer we played The Sound of Music. We fought over who got to be Maria. We fought over who had to be the Baroness. We begged, bribed or blackmailed any boy near to be the Captain, Max or Friedrich. Snatching curtains from our homes to construct easy care von Trapp Family clothing. It was a wonderful Sound of Music summer.

Then I started to ask other Olney Library staff about their favorite movie memories.

Our fearless leader, James, recalls seeing The Transformers. He was told by his parents he'd be allowed to take one Transformer action figure with him to the movie. One. Not two or three. One. Life is tough.

Circulation manager Joyce remembers seeing The Parent Trap with her mom. She loved  the movie soooo much, she convinced her mom to stay and watch the next showing. This was ok, they didn't clear theaters after each showing back in the day.

During February, Olney Library will be displaying and celebrating great movies. Anyone who comes to the Info Desk and shares a movie memory with us will receive a free pencil or book tote! So revisit an old favorite or watch a movie you've always wanted to see, but have never taken the time to watch. Make a marvelous movie memory.

Please enjoy the pictures of our Olney staff with some of their favorite movies.
-Carol R.

Lori with a DVD copy of The Princess Bride

"My favorite movie has it all-- adventure, love, action, friendship, vengeance, and Rodents Of Unusual Size. What other movie can say all that? Just The Princess Bride."

Marilyn with a DVD copy of Selma

"I thought Selma was a great movie. Everyone should go see it."

Tom with a DVD

Rosemary's Baby: "Scary!" 

Meredith with DVD copies of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Into the Woods, and Snow White and the Huntsman

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: "A good action-packed adventure."
Into the Woods: "An intriguing mix of fairy tales."
Snow White and the Huntsman: "An action-packed, PG-13 re-telling of the Snow White fairy tale."  

Rania with DVD copies of Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit and Irrational Man

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit: "The story was very interesting, I wanted to see what happened at the end of the movie. And I like the actor, Chris Pine."
Irrational Man: "I like the actors and music, and the scenery is beautiful."

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