Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Made in Olney, USA: A National Week of Making at the Library

Life-sized Jenga!
Our Olney branch hosted several activities to kick off the 2016 National Week of Making.

Kids participated in hands-on STEM activities, such as creating "thaumatropes" -- a 19th century toy that merges 2 separate images into one, using string and 2 small disks. They also constructed paper airplanes-- fulfilling one MCPL Summer Read & Learn activity -- and played large-scale Jenga, built from 12-can soda boxes!

A marvelous mandala
Adults had the chance to relax in a spa-like environment and create elaborate drawings from beautiful templates. Librarian Marilyn Smith added a calming fragrance in the air, placed dishes of peppermint candies and flowers around the room, and played soothing jazz music to create a peaceful environment that engaged the senses. Customers focused on their colorful designs and had a moment to de-stress from their busy lives. Many are already asking about the next Adult Coloring session!

These customers worked until closing time

Customers of all ages have been enjoying the 'jigsaw puzzle table' in Olney's main gallery. Some stop by for just a few minutes, others stay an hour or longer to contribute to the growing puzzle. This was a challenging one with 1,000 pieces, but by working together, Olney customers quickly completed the puzzle of New York's Times Square...  join the fun the next time you stop by Olney!  Check out all of our photos here.

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