Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Absolutely, Unequivocally, Embarrassingly, True Confessions of Olney Staff’s Pets


1. I stole Mom’s barbeque chicken wings from the bed when she went to the bathroom.  So yeah, I had the chicken wings for dinner and Mom had celery with ranch dressing.  –Sassy the dog


2. I love gardening with Mom.  In particular, I like to dig holes in various spots in the garden.  Seems to stress Mom out, but I think it adds interest.  –Fred the Dachshund

3. I am a collector.  I maintain my collection under the bed in the guest bedroom.  I like to keep it secret.  Through circumstances I still cannot determine, a viewing of my collection was held by my family.  My socks, pencils, chapsticks, flipflops, and rocks were ooohed and aaahed over.  I was proud.  They were perplexed.  And for reasons I still cannot determine, my collection was confiscated.  I have every intention of starting a new one.  –Chrissie the Basset Hound

4. I love pizza night!  I know when it’s pizza night.  I know the hum of the delivery man’s car, I know the aroma, I know how Mom exchanges green paper for the cardboard box.  I know the pizza man isn’t too bright.  Who exchanges a pizza for green paper?!  Anyhoo, I appreciate Mom ordering extra large to make sure I have my fill of that yummy crust!  –Sunny the Australian Shepherd

5. I’m always hearing about some so-called “Napoleon Complex.”  Something about those of us of short stature being overly aggressive and domineering to compensate.  What brouhaha.  I’m KING and I know it.  Sometimes I have to give a little warning snap, so people don’t get confused about who is in charge (me).  It’s all good. Just don’t cross me.  –Brownie the Chihuahua

6. We hate it when Dad has the nerve to wash his barn coat.  Smells so strange and un-goat like.  Smells something like “mountain breeze.”  EEECCHHH!   What’s a goat to do, but knock Dad down and rub on him until that awful smell has been replaced by good old traditional, classic goat smell.  –Jake and Buster the Goats

Jake and Buster

Despite all of the confessions and indiscretions, the Olney Library Staff members love their pets.  May is National Pet Month.  Olney Library wants to encourage you to come and attend our wonderfully informative and fun pet-centered programs.  A Montgomery County Humane Society volunteer will be with us on May 14 at 1:00 pm to answer all pet questions during “What Owning a Pet Is All About.”  Every Thursday, elementary age children benefit from our “Read To a Dog” program.  And on August 11, 2016, we’ll be welcoming Mario and Bella – two amazing Jack Russell Terriers – who will be performing “Amazing Dog Tricks,” a great family program.

–Carol R.

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