Tuesday, October 6, 2015

I love Billy Stewart...

I love Billy Stewart.  I want you to love Billy Stewart too.  I love him because if his voice were a fabric, it would be velvet.  I love him because if his music were a day, it would be the most mellow of May days.  He hailed from Washington D.C. and enjoyed modest success in the 1960’s.  He wrote and sang jazzy, soulful music, with a distinctive scat-singing style.  Tragically, he died way too young in a car accident in early 1970.  Now, a few decades later, his music can be somewhat difficult to find. 

Not a problem though if you have a MCPL Library Card.  Simply go to our website at, let the Books/Movies/Music tab drop, and click on Music.  Scroll down to the American Song resource:

and you will be prompted to enter your library card number and PIN (if you don't know your PIN is your 4-digit birth year). Billy Stewart can be found by entering his name in the search bar. Listen.

-Carol R

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