Friday, January 16, 2015

A Moment with Our Olney Neighbors: Lancer and Ellen

Ms. Ellen Agler with her therapy dog Lancer, a German Shepherd

Visitors to the Olney Library smile with surprise when they see Lancer, a German Shepherd, in our storytime room. He listens intently to a child reading a story, showing encouragement with a nod of his head or a wiggle of his ears. We spent a moment with Lancer and his mom, Ellen Agler.

Q: How did you come to volunteer at Olney Library?

Ellen: Lancer told me he wanted to do something more productive with his free time, other than chasing balls and snoozing. He has many canine friends, but he loves people and wanted to meet more human friends. We were connected with the library through National Capital Therapy Dogs, Inc. This organization provides training for the dogs and owners, and then matches them with places to visit.

Q: It's obvious Lancer enjoys his work. What does he like most?

Ellen: Well, why don't we ask him?

Lancer: I have a sweet temperament and am an excellent listener. I love snuggling up with the children and having my fur stroked while being read to. It's a pretty great gig.

Q: Thanks, Lancer! OK, now that we know you can talk, just a few more questions. First, do you prefer tennis balls or frisbees?

Lancer: Tennis balls, definitely. I also love rope toys.

Q: Wet food or dry?

Lancer: My regular diet is dry food, but sometimes when I am being especially cute and well behaved, Ellen will give me a treat like salmon, chicken, or my favorite, cheese.

Q: Well, we want to let you get back to work. Any parting thoughts?

Ellen and Lancer: We both love books and are so happy to be at the Olney Library. Come visit us!

Lancer's next visit to Olney Library will be on Thursday, January 22, from 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm. Recommended for beginning readers.

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