Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Young Voyager Go!Kit on "Bridges"

Not too many libraries offer telescopes, microscopes, Legos and mini I-pads for children to check out, but  the Olney Library offers  these and more!  Olney’s  “Go-Kits” will awe and astound Olney’s littlest scientists and explorers.  Olney is among the first libraries in the Montgomery County Public Library system to provide “Go! Kits” to our youngest patrons.  These kits are part of our commitment to providing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) resources for all Montgomery County students.

“Go! Kits” are backpacks, each with a special science-oriented theme, that may be checked out for two weeks.  Each kit contains a mini I-pad preloaded with librarian-selected apps  that are fun and educational.  They also contain books and special educational toys for a true hands-on scientific experience.  For example, the Go! Kit on “plants” contains a cross-section model of a flower!  The Go! Kit on the” solar system” contains a telescope!  The Go! Kit on “robots” contains a Lego Rescue Robot!

These kits are designed for two ages.  Our “Little Explorer” kits are for preschoolers to second grade, and include kits on insects, dinosaurs, volcanoes, and more.  Each  includes early literacy info and I-pad apps to help your child develop reading and writing skills.  Our “Young Voyager” kits are for grades 3 and up, and include topics such as robots, bridges, weather and more.  Parents will find that the use of these special Go! Kits will help prepare kids for school success (fitting into the Common Core curriculum), while having fun and gaining technical expertise.

Just make sure to return all the parts that came with it, and kits checked out of Olney must be returned to Olney.  These kits are currently also available at Gaithersburg,  Aspen Hill, Noyes, Twinbrook, Silver Spring and White Oak.

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