Thursday, October 24, 2013

Quiet and Group Study Rooms

The newly renovated Olney Library will offer customers the availability of both quiet study and group study spaces.

Group study rooms offer customers a space to create and to learn together in the library.  The new adult quiet study room will provide seating for ten customers as well as electrical outlets at each workstation and work surfaces for laptops and/or library materials. There will be two group study rooms, one for adults and one for teens, with seating for eight and six people respectively in each room.

The library meeting room will also be open for quiet study and laptop use when not booked by community groups and organizations.  The teen area will include space for laptop use, but customers will also be able to plug in their laptops or other electronic devices while seated throughout the newly renovated facility. WiFi will be available in all areas of the library.

These spaces are a significant improvement over the Olney Library prior to renovation, which did not offer any areas specifically dedicated to either quiet or group study and which had very few electrical outlets adjacent to any seating.

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