Friday, July 5, 2013

Construction Update: July 5, 2013

County Executive Isiah Leggett sent the following letter to the Greater Olney Civic Association on Wednesday, July 3.

To: Members of the Greater Olney Civic Association:

This week, Milestone Construction informed the County that it is ceasing business operations throughout the region. Among its many construction projects in the region, the Olney Library is one.

As in all County projects, we required a 100 percent performance bond to protect the County in the eventuality of a business disruption such as this one so that our projects will be completed, and at no cost to the County. This situation may, however cause some delay while the bonding company works with the subcontractors to complete the project.

On this note, I want to personally assure you that the County will work closely with the bonding company to assure that the library project continues to move forward in as timely a manner as possible.

Here is what is happening at this point:

DGS staff met with Milestone and its bonding company, which has proposed to assist Milestone in completing the project, which is currently about 60 percent complete. 

The bonding company will meet with the subcontractors to assure them of payment, and Milestone will prepare a revised project schedule to reflect re-engagement and acceleration of the work.  These measures will ensure continuation of the work and avoid a potential shutdown that could occur if the bond is called. DGS will meet with Milestone and the surety on July 18th to assess the effectiveness of this approach.

As the work progresses, we will keep Olney residents fully informed. David Dise, the director of the County’s Department of General Services, will attend the July 9thmeeting of GOCA to answer questions about the project. Like you, I look forward to the day when we can stand together and celebrate the opening of the new and improved Olney Library building. 


County Executive Isiah Leggett

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