Thursday, December 12, 2013

New Meeting Room @ the Library

Among the significant changes at the newly renovated Olney Library will be a more inviting meeting room space that will accommodate approximately ninety people. The meeting room will also have the capacity to be divided into two smaller spaces so that two programs or meetings could be held concurrently.

The meeting room in the newly renovated Olney Library will be used for library programs and events, whether for children, teens, adults, seniors or families.   For your convenience, the meeting room will be located near the entrance to the library and will have a large window looking out into the landscaped parking area. The room will be equipped with WiFi capability.

The meeting room will be available as a rental for private and public organizations, businesses and individuals through the County’s Community Use of Facilities. Once the meeting room is made available for booking, an announcement will be posted on the Olney Library Blog. When the meeting room is not being used for a library program or event rental, the space will be available for laptop use and as an additional reading and study area for library customers.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

New Children's Room Features

The children’s room of the newly renovated Olney Library will provide a spacious area for children and their families or caregivers to learn, explore and create in a well-lit and child-friendly environment.

This space replaces the cramped children’s room in the old library, which was inadequate to serve the needs of Olney’s children.  The new children’s room features lower shelf heights for books for toddlers and preschoolers and additional shelving space for all children’s materials.  Holiday and seasonal books will be shelved year-round in the public area, increasing the accessibly and visibility of these materials.

Two AWE Early Literacy computer Stations in the children’s room will provide a variety of educational software programs for younger children.  Public computers will be available for children to access MCPL digital resources as well as the Internet.

A new program room will provide a bright space for librarian-led programs for babies, toddlers, preschoolers and their parents or caregivers.  When not in use for library programs, the program room will be available as a discovery room where younger children and their families can learn together.    Products that encourage interactive play will be located in this room as well as on the shelf ends in the children’s room.

Seating in the new children’s room will be greatly expanded as compared to seating for children in the old library.  Three tables will provide seating for four persons at each table; window alcove seating and lounge chairs will also be available.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Quiet and Group Study Rooms

The newly renovated Olney Library will offer customers the availability of both quiet study and group study spaces.

Group study rooms offer customers a space to create and to learn together in the library.  The new adult quiet study room will provide seating for ten customers as well as electrical outlets at each workstation and work surfaces for laptops and/or library materials. There will be two group study rooms, one for adults and one for teens, with seating for eight and six people respectively in each room.

The library meeting room will also be open for quiet study and laptop use when not booked by community groups and organizations.  The teen area will include space for laptop use, but customers will also be able to plug in their laptops or other electronic devices while seated throughout the newly renovated facility. WiFi will be available in all areas of the library.

These spaces are a significant improvement over the Olney Library prior to renovation, which did not offer any areas specifically dedicated to either quiet or group study and which had very few electrical outlets adjacent to any seating.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Renovated Teen Space

One of the best features of the newly renovated Olney Library will be the young adult area where Olney teens can learn and collaborate in a space designed specifically for their needs.  This is a significant improvement over the Olney Library prior to renovation, which did not have a separate room designated for teen use. 

The new space includes a group study room for six persons which can be used by teens collaborating on school, community or other projects.  The area also includes two tables and seating for teens near the floor-to-ceiling windows.  Space for using laptops or hand-held devices will also be available.  A self-charge machine is located at the entrance to the young adult area. Another new feature will be the availability of lockers so teens can securely store items when they are in the library. 

All library materials designated for the young adult collection will be located in this area, with new sloped shelving to increase the visibility of the collection.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

We Need You

Do you want to provide your input on library services, programs and collections for the new Olney Library?  
The Olney Library Advisory Committee (LAC) provides you with an opportunity to provide input to the Olney Library Manager and the MCPL Library Board on issues of local interest for the benefit of both the Olney community and MCPL. 
The Olney LAC is the voice of the community on a grassroots level, reflecting the diversity of our residents and broadly representing a cross-section of our community.  LAC members represent library customers at community functions and meetings such as Olney Community Night/Taste of Olney and the Olney Town Center Advisory Committee.  The new Olney Library will provide customers with new technologies, services and programs, which LAC members can help to promote in the Olney community. 
Teens, adults and seniors from Olney, Ashton, Brookeville and Sandy Spring are needed for membership on the Olney LAC.
Please contact Joseph Eagan, the Olney Library Manager, for further information at 240-777-0036 or

Watch this space! Each week, we'll be featuring a different aspect of the newly improved Olney Library, and its collection, technology, and services.